Green Africa Youth Organization

We are a youth-led, gender-balanced advocacy group which focuses largely on environmental sustainability and community development

Our Impact

Wondering why we do what we do?

Here are some long lasting impacts and ripple effects:

Thematic Areas

Climate Change

In our effort to promote Ghana’s climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, we've launched, coordinated, and partnered with industry stakeholders to reinforce the existing efforts of young people in the climate space through varying initiatives.

Circular Economy

We've helped integrate the informal waste sector, developed a zero model for municipalities, conducted climate change simulation exercises designed by MIT for different stakeholders, engaged over 7,000 youth in climate change knowledge, as well as hosted the Africa Clean Up Conference in Ghana.

Disaster Risk Reduction

GAYO has hosted DRR workshops, and national quizzes with the national disaster management office and UN agencies to educate youth (over 4000 students) on climate change and disaster risk



GAYO at UNGA 74 Side Event

Advocacy for Green Jobs for Youth

GAYO Recycling Arts

GAYO Compost Production

Capacity building for farmer groups


Supporting Informal Waste Workers

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